Joining The Club

Some new policies we are adding to the salsa club.
1. If you do not attend at least two of the twelve meetings we will be holding this semester, you will be dropped from the facebook page and no longer considered an active member. We have over 200 supposed members of the club but nobody participates…I cant make this club amazing without participants!
2. Everyone will be charged $5 at the first meeting they attend. If you attend a second meeting, your $5 will be refunded and you will be considered an official salsa club member!
3. If you attend at least four meetings throughout the semester, you will receive a salsa club t-shirt free of charge!! Otherwise, the shirts will be $5.

Any questions feel free to contact me or Megan

2 responses to “Joining The Club”

  1. Rani

    Hello I noticed that you every Tuesday from 6-8 pm and yet the dates says Sept 20th Tuesday…I’m not sure which is it? Because the Sept 20th is Thursday and Sept 18th is the Tuesday. Please let me know which day is so I can attend that meeting next week Thank you!!

  2. takeshi

    Hey Rani, this post is from last year. The meetings this year are on Thursdays. Sorry for the confusion.

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