Couple Announcements

A couple of important announcements for next week:

1) Next week’s meeting (Friday, April 30th) will be held downstairs in the studios instead of in the aerobics room, because of an event going on in the Event Center. To get to the studios, just go downstairs in the Event Center, and take a left at the racquetball courts.

2) We’ll be having another field trip next week after the meeting to Hot Salsa Friday in Campbell. The cost is $10 for students, and we’ll be carpooling over after the meeting. The finals of the So You Think You Can Dance salsa competition will be going on, so come and check out some of the best dancers in the South Bay. Max and I will also be competing, so come and cheer us on!

3) Our designer sent us a new version of the salsa t-shirts. Check it out. Hopefully we’ll have these shirts for you guys within the next two weeks.

SJSU Salsa T-Shirt

One response to “Couple Announcements”

  1. DJ Danny D

    Love the shirt!! Would love purchase a couple from you to wear while I dee jay. Feel free to contact me at any time.

    Danny Diaz

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